Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Crimson Wine Group.

Q: Where is Crimson Wine Group headquartered?

A: Crimson is headquartered in Napa, California.

Q: When was Crimson founded?

A: Crimson has been operating since 1991 and began trading as a public company in February 2013.

Q: Where does Crimson's stock trade? What is the ticker symbol?

A: Crimson's stock trades on the OTCQB under the symbol "CWGL".

Q: Who is Crimson’s stock transfer agent and registrar?

A:  Crimson’s stock transfer agent and registrar is:
     American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
     6201 15th Avenue
     Brooklyn, NY 11219
     Phone: 1-866-627-2643
     Website: www.amstock.com/main

Q: How do I receive Crimson’s press releases?

A: Please visit our Email Alerts page to sign up to receive press release email alerts.

Q: Does Crimson pay a dividend?

A: Crimson does not have a regular dividend policy, and whether to pay dividends will be determined by the board of directors.

Q: Who should I contact if I have investor-related questions about Crimson?

A:  Please contact Crimson’s investor relations firm, PondelWilkinson, Inc.,
     (310) 279-5980, or investor@pondel.com.

Q: How do I transfer ownership of my stock or change my mailing address?

A: Crimson shareholders should contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Company at the above address, phone or website.

Q: How can I purchase stock directly through Crimson?

A: To purchase shares in Crimson Wine Group, you will need to contact a licensed stock broker.

Q: When does Crimson’s fiscal year end?

A: December 31.

Q: How do I calculate my cost basis for the shares I received from the Leucadia National Corporation spin off?

A: For Leucadia National Corporation Crimson Wine Group spin off tax information, please click here.

Important Tax Information

For Leucadia National Corporation Crimson Wine Group spinoff tax information please click here.